A girl I had my first date with last night admitted she's in NA for heroin, proceed with caution?

So I had my first date with this girl last night that I met off OkCupid and she admitted that she just checked herself into NA for heroin. Now she said she only used it for 6 weeks, but I'm still concerned as I've had friends overdose it.

I applaud her for being upfront about it and seeking help for it, but the bottom line is that without writing her off as a junkie, what kinda red flags should I look out for to see if she's still using should we still each other?

I mean she did tell me that she stopped hanging around with her friends using and cut off contact with the dealer she bought from but you can never be too sure.


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  • Stick close as a friend and see where things go. Relationships develop better that way anyway

    • Yeah I'm just playing it by ear. But is that a good thing that she was up front about it as opposed to hiding it?

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    • Yeah and I'm not trying to be too judgmental myself. I'm no saint. I mean I haven't touched heroin but I've done a lot of stupid stuff in the past I regret. Then again, who doesn't?

      I mean I do applaud her for being honest as opposed to my former friend who died from an OD recently telling me he was clean, literally 4 days before his OD.

    • Well it ended. It was probably for the best though. I don't think I should date her until she's completely rehabilitated anyways. I've had bad enough experiences with having friends get into heroin and eventually having to cut them off. Couldn't imagine what it'd be like dating a girl with that problem.

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