He is so cute & weird help?

My boyfriend is so weird, ok this bit is sweet as I fell over when we were out he didn't laugh at all he rushed over too me to help me up even helped me get into the car, which was very sweet. But ever since I keep falling or tripping over or even hurting my hand or anything like that he always wants to have a look and then he will do it the next time to see if it's healed lol. And when I got ill he was searching it up on the internet lol 🙈🙊 why is he acting like that?


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  • He's a beta male. Just kidding.

    Why is this behavior weird? He seems like a great guy that attends to your needs. Perhaps you find it weird because you're used to self-absorbed juiceheads? If he behaves this way almost on impulse, it's because he cares for your well-being. Most girls would want that, I hope. If girls don't want that, I give up... everything.

  • because caring people do exist.


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