What is a good dating headline?

What is the best dating headline any ideas? looked online nothing that comes to interest.

Like for a long term relationship


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  • That depends on what you are looking for. If you're after something long term then the headline will be a lot different than a one night stand.

    • More towards long term relationship not for a hookup

    • "Just looking for someone to be screwed up with together"?

      I'm not great at this stuff but I want the same thing, just bad at saying it in a way that doesn't sound over the top and "looking for the one person who I look back with years latter, when we're old and grey sitting on the porch of a house we bought together, looking at eachother and both wondering what we did to deserve a best friend and lover like the person staring back at us"

      I mean that just sounds creepy.

    • Yeah cuz i just don't want it to be to desperate but i thought this was a nice one See the sky, See the stars all this can be ours lol but i got no replies. It didn't sound that bad or this one A sweet angel seeks wings.

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  • How about ''Seeking an eye on you... only you''