Is he going to break up with me this evening?

I´ve been seeing a man for two months, we had previously been talking for 3 months daily until we decided to meet up. It was going so well , I had never been treated so well during those 5 months , he always cared about what was going in my life, really caring person and a true gentleman. We have connected really well and there is very good chemistry.
However on one of our last dates, he cried in front of me, he told me he didn't want me to think everything was perfect in his life and told me his fear and problems which I understood because I had been in the same situation before. A very hard situation. He also told me that sometimes when he goes out with his friends he ends up leaving without telling anyone, this is clearly troubling him a lot.
We seemed to bond after that, but he´s seemed preocupied lately and made comments about things in his life that didn't life and he has turned cold this week. He has still initiated contact everyday , but then after a couple of texts he seems to want to end the conversation / uninterested.
We are meeting this evening and last night I told him I had noticed his mood had changed. He said it was better to speak about it in person. That he had been analyzing his life (the problems I mentioned before) and that he can't hide when he feels bad. I told him I understood it because I had been there but he said there was more than that, that only his best friend and family new about. I then reply that I couldnt imagine what it was about but that he could tell me today calmy if he wanted and he said he would , then I left as that and give him space. He hasn't shown however the last week any affection.
I am worried for him, I care about him , I understand him and would like to help him.
However Im fearing that his real intention is breaking up with me this evening. This evening we are going to the museum and to have dinner. I dont understand why would we do that if he was going to break with me but I have that feeling.


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable and grow cold duck feet whenever feeling cornered, scared or even Needing space somewhat for whatever motive, if finding an Opportunity... this goose is no exception to my golden goose rule...
    I think with his tears and fears, dear, he is also feeling trapped in a relationship with you that he may not be ready nor raring for just yet. I see the sure signs of giving you subtle helpful hints and by hymning and hawing, he is also preparing you for some news that you may not want to hear and this is why Now----He hasn't shown however the last week any affection.
    He may be trying to soften the blow by taking you to pain the town red. This may be his way of of letting you down easy. However, he may tell you too that he just wants a Break for now and that when he has thought things out more clearly, he will be in touch again.
    It sounds that with only a bestie and family that he only cares to share 'More than that' with, he is shutting you out and doesn't want you only at arm's length now. He probably was feeling that things were getting a bit to cozy for comfort and on top of whatever hell and havoc he may be going through, this could be a done deal that has dawned on him and could very well too be a dealbreaker dilemma.
    It's your choice, your call how to handle him. He doesn't sound too stable, may always be in this problem child full circle pattern with you, should he still tell you he wants you around... and with 'I have that feeling,' be also prepared that he may call on you whenever it is convenient... this all could go in all sorts of direction and leave you in harm's way in the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • he did say he wanted to tell me this evening what´s troubling him :( thanks for your comment, it´s appreciated. I´m prepared for anything.

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    • So welcome...") xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help here.:)) xx

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  • Doesn't seem to me like he's going to break up with you. If he tries to make it clear you think it's wrong. You are clearly a kind and understanding girl and I would totally be his loss!

  • I get the same impression you do and all you can do is go on this date and see what happens. He may break up with you or he may unload all of this troubles onto you. Either way you're going to have to expect the unexpected here as the man and his emotions seem all over the place.

    • Thanks for your comment.

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  • If it does happen, you're better off accepting he's parting ways with you. He sounds emotionally unstable.

  • Tell him that you really want to help him and show your love