Does she like me? or should I just move on? Please help me if you can, I'm lost?

There's this girl in my class (College), whom I'm starting to really fall her. We flirt all the time but whenever I initiate to hangout she changes topic.. recently, she's bee trying to make plans with me, like doing our HW together and also she suggested that we should go skating together.. how can I find out if she likes me or not without being too needy? Should I just move on? I haven't texted her in 2 days thanks! I really miss texting her. Pls help! Thank you


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  • You are in too much of a rush. You need to let things develop naturally. I can promise you, whatever sleepings she has over you, are not yet concrete. Do, if you push her, you will come across as needy.

    Also, don't wait two days before you text her. What's the matter with you? Don't text her every day, but text her at least once a day so she knows you're interested.

    If she's making plans with you, at the very least she's interested. Just be a gentleman. Go on the dates. Open dors, hold chairs. Be polite. If she gets up to go to the bathroom, stand up. Dress appropriately. Be well groomed. Make sure you smell good, but not overpowering.

    Above all, be yourself. Let things develop naturally. If she's into you, it'll come out eventually. If not, it'll fizzle out fast. These are the first steps of anybrelationship.

    My last piece of advice to you is be confident. Women, for the most part, like confidence in a man.

    • The thing is man she saw another gir on my bed on snapchat.. I don't know how she reacted to that, but anyways thanks man! Should I text her this "hey, you just popped into my head, wanted to say to Hi (:" does that make me too much of wuss?

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    • Thanks a lot man! You'll get the most helpful !

    • You're welcome man. Good luck.

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  • Well, it seems that she has might like you back. But I don't think you should read too much into her actions. Try to hang out with her, no expectations... And see where things could lead on. Just don't let your feelings overwhelm you so you don't precipitate your actions.
    And you can absolutely text her; I think it will show to her that you care, not that you're needy.

    • What should I text her then?

    • Ask her how her holidays were or how is her week going. After that, if she gives you an opening, you might ask her to hang out.

  • She like you. I think you should move on. And text her before she lose of interesting. For me if he don't text me in 3 days. I'll just deleted him. Or take your state back to be just friend.


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  • Why does she change topic when you hang out with her but at the same time tries to spend time with you?

    Perhaps you could try and talk to her when it's just you and her. You may get a better idea then.

    No need to stop texting her though. There's nothing needy about simply asking how she is. In fact, it shows you care which is a good thing.

    It's possible that she may be thinking you don't like her and that she is the needy one.

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