Have you ever met someone and got the feeling?

Have you ever met someone and from the beginning just got a good feeling about them? Like you could just feel there was a connection between the two of you. And you just had a feeling that this is someone you should pursue. Did it work out?


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  • OH yes I have and it did work out before she decided to leave :-D She had that feeling too - it was eternal from both ends but she had certain priorities and this mutual feeling that I call heaven was expendable - we always have a choice :-D

    • Ugh.. that sucks. I know that when I get that feeling, it's always reciprocated. I don't think you would have that feeling if it wasn't. But man, it sure can drive me crazy head over heels. Lol

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    • Absolutely! Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement!

    • The pleasure is always mine and will be so in the future too :-) good luck

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  • yea happens and then i make sure that those people end up being close friends with me

    • But nothing from a romantic point?

    • never got a chance for romance
      most were already commited the rest had other things to do in life then date

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  • I've had those feelings, but nothing ever worked out. :/

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