Revenge is worse than anything on earth. :( who shares my opinion?

I spent months suffering and crying over a girl i really liked and who harshly and rudely rejected me. She humiliated me and showed no mercy when i talked to her. She was rude and spiteful. I really liked this girl cus she is gorgeous and she was the one who sent obvious signs she was interested in me. She obviously wanted me to talk to her. But i ignored her for some reasons and only decided to make a move like 2 months later. And after she rejected me, i felt like she played me. So today, i talked to her again and kinda humiliated her and made her feel bad about herself. She didn't say a word and then i left . I felt good and satisfied when i did it but now i am feeling really bad and would love to go back and tell her i am sorry. I am honestly feeling less of a man now... any advice or opinions?


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  • Revenge is stupid! Don't aim for "revenge" aim for "communication". Tell her how her doing this made you feel and tell her why you did what you did and tell her how and why you feel bad now. Try and smooth things over, but don't expect her to be fully okay with you

    • I don't think she will allow me to talk to her again. I am pretty sure she will try to humiliate me and ask me to **** off... Maybe i could use her friends?

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    • You're welcome :) good :)

    • Thank you for Most Helpful :-)

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  • No there are much worse things than revenge like child abuse and rape. Also think before you act and don't do anything if you know you will regret it

  • You should. No need to sink down to her level. "Two wrongs don't make a right".

    • "No need to sink down to her level" I always knew this was right but i couldn't help not doing it. My heart was suffering... Sometimes i hate myself for not following my mind.

  • i am in exactly the same situation and i really can't understand why people act like they like us and then say they dont and reject us! just playing with us like we are toys.. to be honest? maybe she deserved it for what she did.. it wasn't correct but at least now she knows how you felt and might as well feel guilty:)

    • Okay thanks for your opinion :)

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  • Fuck no, revenge is awesome.

    But you gotta give it to the right people.

    Sorry, but we don't live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. There are genuinely evil and mean people out there who hurt other people, and giving them a taste of their own medicine is the best way to teach them what it's like to be put in another victim's shoes.

    If a person screwed you over on purpose and you are genuinely an innocent victim, I say fuck em over back. If it was a person who genuinely made a mistake and you just happened to be on the opposite end of the gun, forgive em.

    I believe even the angels should carry a sword.

  • I am reminded of a quote by whom I don't know. Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve inner peace.

    • So should forgive first? me or her?

    • it is a choice we all have the chance to make you can be the first if she is also truly repentful then she may also apologise and see the error in her ways but don't be too hopeful for there is always the chance that she is closed tightly off to peoples feelings not just your own

    • You and her. You need to find it in your heart to forgive her and she needs to find it in hers to forgive you

  • You are not a man, you're a child.
    She liked you, so you ignored her for 2 months. How did you think that made her feel? Accepted? Or rejected?

    No, you didn't spend 2 seconds wondering how someone other than you felt about anything.

    2 months later, you say something, and she rejects you. Again, do you ask why? Is she hurting you back for the 2 month delay? Do you fuck. You just decide to cry about it like a great big pussy.

    And then in the vein of pussified little boys everywhere you decided revenge was the only option.

    People like you are a disgrace to your gender. Grow the fuck up, you child. You have forgotten the face of your father.

    • Yeah but some girls love to play games with guys. i have seen this happen. And you have no idea how catty and rude she was when i approached her. I actually have mixed feelings toward this girl. I still liked her even after she hurt me cus i knew she was the one who liked me first and who got hurt but sometimes i think she just played me. Cus when you like someone, you can't act the way she did.

    • Maybe you can help me do something... How do you think she is feeling now?

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