Why am I having trouble finding the right girl when it was so easy for my siblings?

My older brother and sister are settled down and have been with the same person for 10 years. They are 30 and met their spouse as freshman in college. Well I'm not so good at that and I'm a junior in college and already 21. I'm desperate and even creeped on a attractive girl signing her name on the attendance sheet in class and looked on her Facebook to see if she was single. Then i have nights dreaming of being 35 years old and still being single and I wake up in terror. I don't know why being single bothers me so much ever since I turned 21 I've been searching and trying to find "her". Its getting in the way of school.



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  • Its because you're looking for love. Lol. if you stop looking it will eventually just pop up.

    • Well it sucks lol i just want to hold a girl and fall asleep with her and know she's there for me. I want to give my virginity to the "one". I've spent many nights at the bar alone and I'm tired of it.

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  • most people in there 20s start to feel this way. That's why there are so many divorces (or one reason why). People will often marry out of the fear of uncertainty and because they think relative comfort is an indicator that you should marry a person. Also maybe its just a social expectation you're playing into. You think you should meet someone now. Fucking focus on your school and stop looking for anything but the reason you want to be alive in the first place. If you want someone to love you should have a better reason to committing yourself to a person besides fear. Or maybe i'm just an asshole i don't know.

    • I am scared and I do want stability. I would give anything to meet there right girl and just fall asleep with her. I don't want sex I can wait its more just plain loneliness.

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    • Haha I fell hopelessly in love and it didn't work out but I knew what I was getting into and im over it.

    • Glad to hear. Again you're talking to someone who experienced a similar thing. Most people have experienced this. No one likes to admit these things casually though.