If guys like someone, don't they want to talk everyday? at least a couple messages?:(?

I've known this guy since September
I just turned 23 and he is 21 and both students.

We got closer after I made a paper crane and gave it to him during a class.

Last weekend, he asked me if I wanted to go for dinner with him and had a good time. He asked for a separate bill. My friend told me he doesn’t have much experience with relationships.. and neither do I... so I don't know what normal guys do.

On the same day, he was hiding a paper crane that he made in his pocket and gave it to me. It was very cute.. :) We went hiking the next day together as well.

Last weekend, I asked him if he wants to go for dinner so we went out:) We decided to walk to a beach after dinner and just sit by the beach and chatted for like an hour.
He is shy and never gave me a hug or anything.

But he held my hand for the first time after I said my hands are so cold and told me that he likes me. He was holding my hand while walking me home. When he got in front of my place, he kissed me.
I was teasing him and asked him if he can hold my hand or kiss me at school around people we know and he said "of course, I don't care."

Last Wednesday, I asked him if I can come see him on my way home from school for a bit and he came out all the way to a bus stop from his place in the pouring rain. We just chatted for an hour and I left. Yes kissed again...
We also talked about seeing each other on Friday which is Today...

We haven't talked since we met at the bus stop.
So I don't even know if we are going to meet up today. If he wants to see me, he would text me if we see each other?

He is not a texter I know. He doesn't show his expression at all. He told me even though there is something makes him happy, he just quietly smiles and doesn't know how to be enthusiastic.

I am getting confused about what he is thinking.
I also don't want to bother him.

How do you guys think about this guy:(?

He used to text me a couple of time a week before the day he told me he likes me...


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  • if im really liking a girl, most of the time i would love to talk to her, but honestly i dont know if she wants to aswell, and if she doesn't, i'd just be annoying her, i think. thats why sometimes i dont text her, even though i want to


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  • He could be nervous. I used to be the same way. Whenever I liked someone I would do everything to get them, but then as soon as I revealed my feelings, then I would get shy and embarrassed around them easily, so I would ignore them. It wasn't because I stopped liking them, but something about putting your feelings out there would make me get all scared inside.

  • Honestly I don't know..