How can I prove her wrong?

Last week I went to a dinner with all my college classmates, and a girl decided to talk about impressions and, out of the blue, a girl told me what she thought of me. She told me that "I'm a nice guy (quite the freaking way to insult me), but I need to talk a little bit more and not care what others think". Hell, this impression is all kinds of innacurate: I mean, yeah, I'm a little bit quiet, but dammit, I don't really care that much about what others think! Of course we need to care a little bit about what others think, (we have to make the other person like us (by finding some common ground between our tastes and interests). It's not insecurity, is called being thoughtful! They're completely different!) but dammit, why do people put such low expectations on me? What the hell is wrong with me? Why the hell does every girl I meet reject me?

What can I do in order to make her change how she thinks of me? Is there any hope for me in this matter?


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  • Wow that sounds like a really tough break. If you know you're social with your close friends but not with people that you just meet through class then there is nothing wrong with that and you shouldn't worry as long as you know you're fun. As for the "nice guy" thing, you can use that as an example of caring too much you know? Like i dont know your relationship with her but "hes a nice guy" seems more like a filler to start her impression she wouldn't start by calling you a tool. Its a little like a way to save face before she tells you all the things you do wrong haha

    If you find you're getting rejected a lot try a new approach. If you usually start with your name and introductions. Try starting with a question about what she's doing or wearing. It might help give the comvo some flow


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  • ... you realize you posted this because you're bothered by what she thinks. That doesn't support your case. I don't know a thing about you, but if i was your attorney, id tell you to analyze the prosecutor's case. What evidence does she have to back her claim? Is she misinterpreting the evidence. Explain how she is misinterpreting the evidence and develop a case supporting your claim using the given evidence. (your actions.) Or you could not give a shit. Saying anything to her might just strengthen her conviction.

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