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My boyfriend has a friend named Leon. Leon and my boyfriend's little brother Zavyen used to have major crsuhes on me. Zavyen still likes me as a gf and friend, but Leon is just ugh. He keeps telling my bf that I'm a hoe and a thot and to leave me. My bf ignores him, but sometimes the joking really gets to me especially when he jumps in my face and tells me about myself. The thing is that none of the things he says about me are true. I've never cheated and I'm very faithful. So I have two questions. Why is Leon treating me like this? And how do I make him stop?


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  • If he liked you and still is he tries may be trying to ruin your relationship because you did not choose him as bf. He could also be jealous. Maybe you or your bf or three of you should try to talk to him about that? Maybe you could even find a true reason for such behaviour.

    • I thought about that, but I thought maybe that wasn't it because he told me he hates me

    • People can say one thing but don't actually mean it, especially if the cause is jealousy. You could also try to convince this leons friend to try and secretly talk about such behaviour. Like take info without confronting him.

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