He told me he still likes me but wants to just be friends now because I upset him?

I met an older man online. We chatted almost every day for four months. We both got very attached considering we didn't meet in person. I would mention guys and he would get jealous. He kept on asking to meet me only I was scared. Then whenever he was free I wasn't and vice versa. I started feeling insecure because it had gone on too long without an actual date so I said mean things I didn't mean to 'test' if he cared. We fell out a few times but he always came back after my apology and explanation. Only this time he's insisted i've upset him too many times and he doesn't want to feel that way again... he's also said he still likes me but wants to stay friends. .. I suggested meeting as friends then but he's ignored it plus a second. I don't know what he wants? I'd rather be friends in person than via text/phone. Plus I like him too much to only be friends so i'm hoping if we met up something might progress. ... is that a possibility or no?


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  • If he's older, his experience has probably told him that someone skittish like you who can't commit to meeting up will continue to be like that if you were going to get together, and doesn't want to waste his time nor risk becoming attached to someone he can't rely on to be there.

    • He's told me he still likes me but it was looking as though i would never meet plus he didn't want me upsetting him anymore... he's also agreed to meet as friends in a few weeks when he's free?

    • He is 40

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  • find someone else
    you have burned all your bridges with this guy
    and he isn't interested to meet you as a friend because he probably thinks somethng might happen too which he doesn't wants

  • You said mean things to test if he cares?
    Leave him alone. You don't deserve him.

    • It was only the day before i was mean the last time... that he said he really likes me and got very jealous when i mentioned a guy friend. You can't just turn feelings off?

    • Regardless, you do not 'test' love. It is disrespectful and hurts people. Love is something wonderful and is to be cherished. Not tested because of fear.

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  • Guy never want to be friend with a girl that he like. I am highly recommend to move on.

    • I have guy friends who have told girls who they like that they only want to be friends for numerous reasons. He told me he liked me just the day before i said nasty things and he was jealous when I mentioned a guy friend. You can't just switch feeling off

    • Your nasty things can switch off. Because it shows your perspective. That he can decided where you should be.