Is this a good sign? I'm really into him?

I really like this guy and we've been texting a little. It's too early to tell if he likes me or not as much as I like him because we haven't hung out yet. I've been sending him a little bit of mixed signals because I'm worried he is a player so it may be confusing him a little so he's probably sending me a little mixed signals too. He stares at me in class and has been doing little things to grab my attention all semester but it's been really slow moving. I've heard from other girls that he's a "douche bag" so I've had a guard up because I'm very inexperienced with dating and guys and super shy lol

But I asked him to go to this thing with me and he said "Ya I would definitely go with you :)" sooo guys if you said something like this would it be because you really wanted to go? I asked him to my sorority's dance


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  • Great sign. He is willing to spend time out with you and he will be meeting your friends.

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