What's with this "cat and mouse" thing?

Have you noticed how in the beginning stages of a relationship, or when you casually date/see someone there's a "cat and mouse" concept?

For instance, the guy will like the girl and show major interest, by saying and showing how much they like them, then the girl reciprocates and they pull away.

Or the girl pulls away, and its a constant tug and pull. What happens after that? Why do you think this happens?


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  • I feel like it is a pointless stupid waste of time and energy. I have never understood it. Sometimes both sides give up over trying to figure out each others true emotions and they end up quitting.


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  • It's al about pride. Plain and simple!


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  • I don't know, but I don't like it. I almost think it's so it feels more like a challenge and they feel victorious at the end, like cave people.

    • A guy does that, and I know he really likes me. Its just strange..