How to get a girl who is out of my league? Tips on flirting?

I would really like to get some advice on getting a girl to go out with me. She is really pretty and nice and I went to primary school with her. She hangs out with the cool kids and I am kinda a nerd. Would you guys be able to give me advice on how to flirt with her as well as hold a convo. I just want to be able to talk to her with out it being awkward.


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  • Well you've already failed... in your mind. If she is out of your league then give up right now. For she will see it I your face and smell it on your breath... fear and insecurity.

    With all the pining away effort and 'masturbating over her' energy you have expended, she could have had a few orgasms from you by now. Forget flirting, just be upfront. No one is a mind reader. Just meet her f2f and ask her out. While your flirting, another guy will snatch her up by having the testicles to be direct.

    Here are some books...

    Good Luck!

  • Like the other guy said, there's no tips if you've already convinced yourself she's out of your league. Don't believe in leagues, it's just an excuse not to approach.

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