I think he likes me but then he gets a girlfriend? Advice?

So another question on this site said this:

"Men are not nearly as subtle with their signals as women are. If he touches you, he likes you. If he flirts with you, he likes you. If he teases you, he likes you. If he makes eye contact and smiles, he likes you. If he stares at you, he likes you. If he goes out of his way to talk to you multiple times, he almost certainly likes you."

This is rational and seems to make sense to me.

The guy I liked was giving all of these signals and so I thought we were progressing very well. We had even been out on what I thought were some casual dates. Baking at his house, watching an outdoors movie, hanging out during the day,etc.

But mixed in with all of these encouraging signs were some other signals. Once we hung out and there was another girl there who I thought was his friend. He ignored me the entire time, and then had the gall to say I was the one ignoring him. Another time we went to where he works ( a piano studio) and he played for me and we had a great time. During which his mom called him and I heard her say over the phone "Is you girlfriend there?" to which he said "No, that's Breanna mom." Needless to say I was a bit upset at this, but when I checked to see who she was it indicated she was single, so idk.

We hug, we flirt, we talk for hours, and we really enjoy our time together. Then he changes his status to in a relationship with this girl. I don't know where I went wrong?

Guys, do you ever like two girls and then just have to pick one even though you don't want to?

Help and advice greatly appreciated.


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  • hmmm yes I would like to know why a guy would lead you on like that but already has a girl, just curious cos my crush shows all them signs but has not approached so leads me to think he is a taken man :(

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