It's hard for him to finish?

It makes me feel really not sexy. He likes it when I'm on top, but can't finish that way. When he's on top he has to Jack hammer, and it still takes like 45 minutes and that's not all the time and that's trying to be in a hurry.

I get really sensitive after cuming, so most of the time I need to stop 5 minutes after (I try), if we stop so I can rerev he loses it. Sometimes it's hard to keep him hard (other times it's not).

Blow jobs take me a solid half hour too and even that doesn't always do it. It's really discouraging and killing my libido because he doesn't get satisfied so I feel like shit.

What can I do? Is it me?


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  • It's not you darling... it is him.

    He prob does p*rn and MB? If so tell him to lay off, it kills the dick. If he is lying, you can tell if the sperm just dribbles out versus when it skyrockets from saving it up and he cums quicker.

    After you cum from sex and you are sensitive. He can relax and you can coax the sperm out of him. Try giving him a nice warm safflower oil hand job. Work the entire shaft and the balls. Tease the balls with your fingernails and caress them where they connect to the base of the cock. Make sure you rub the male clitoris on the back of the head. Really work the head and entire shaft.

    Some gals only use part of a closed hand with fingers sticking out, like they are afraid the close all 5 fingers around the cock. Make sure you use the entire closed hand around your cock. Tell him to play with his nipple for extra stim. Just have him spread wide open and relax with you working in between your legs. Sit up against the headboard or wall so you have back support. Maybe tickle his butthole a little and give him a prostate massage.

    If you want my blowjob recommendations write me.

    Good luck!


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