Why do I keep talking myself out liking her/ asking her out?

So I like this girl and I think she is pretty amazing but I don't know how she feels. I Was going to ask her out but now I keep getting these thoughts of ehhh she's not really that pretty or you don't really want to date anyone. Why is this happening? It's seriously like a back and forth battle.


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  • It's fear of rejection it's crippling and makes you miss many opportunities myself i am exactly like you and i feel bad about it i really need to man up and embrace rejection as the unavoidable way in the dating path if you want to get a gf you must accept rejection that's the only way to do it


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  • Maybe try to get to know her a little bit better and then see if it changes anything. I feel that maybe if you just knew her a little better (unless you know her quite well) you wouldn't be so back and forth, you know? You say you don't know how she feels-try talking to her and see if you can pick up any obvious signs to see if she might be interested in you too.(:

    • Thanks I mean I've talked to her enough that I know that I'd ask her out. I just keep talking myself out of doing it then telling myself to do it

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