Friend just told me she likes me, I like her too but I just want to stay friends?

Okay so this girl that I've been friends with for a while just (accidentally) told me she likes me. As in "more than a friend" type of like me. We usually hug and mess around in a non sexual way but I don't want to take it further. She took it... in a worse way than I expected her to and now I feel really bad, what's my next step?


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  • Let her know that you value her friendship but don't try to tell her about your feelings for her unless you have at least 5 reasons (good ones) as to why you can't be more than friends with her. If you tell her that you like her too but can't date her, she'll either take it as a challenge or she'll assume you are lying to get her to be vulnerable with you. If you have several reasons and are willing to answer her questions, tell her your feelings. In the meantime, let her know that you are here as a friend and just let the storm calm over. If she's reacting badly, it's because she expected something from you.


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  • if you like hr why do you just want to stay friends?

    as far as her taking it bad thees nothing you can do that won't come off as patronizing and shoving it in her face.

    just give her time.

    • I like her in a friendly way. Not dating way.

    • you should clarify that. bc you said she likes you and you like her. say

      she 'likes' you and you like her ;)

      anyhow yeah the rest stays the sam. just give her time.

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