Did this ESPN girl want to get with me?

So this ESPN sideline reporter (super hot and well known) used to go to school with me. I Always felt like she liked me but, she always dated a famous basketball player at our school, and he was my buddy too. Her friends used to kind of hint to me that she liked me. One time we were partying at her girlfriends house and her girlfriend told me she promised I could go upstairs and hook up with her. I was too chicken I guess plus she had a boyfriend. She used to hit me up occasionally on Facebook and joke about going on a date and I did her. I think I blew my chances with her but it was weird. Then last night we went out and I brought her and her friend home with me from the bars (her friend is fat and hooks up with my buddy). So they both came back with me and her dat friend goes in my buddies room and it's me and her. We do this like sexual tension almost make out thing but it doesn't happen and then it gets weird. Ah wtf?


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  • You need to be a confident man and go after her! Don't be cocky but she's what you want and let her feel that. She's used to being around overly agressive confident guy I'm sure cause of her career so just make sure you don't seem like one of them.


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  • Spill the beans. Who was it? Samantha Ponder? Charissa Thompson? Some other hot ESPN chick?

    • Hahaha, I can't main!!

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