When is the right time to say I love you?

i've been dating my best friend of 2 years for over 2 months and he says sweet things like you mean everything to me and you are my world but he still hasent said i love you yet. i guess my real question is when is the right time to say the 3 magic words?


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  • Whenever you feel like telling him it.
    Do you love him? If you do then tell him!
    There isn't a certain timeframe in which you have to say I love you. I dated my partner for almost 6 months before I told him I loved him.

  • He's probably just as conflicted as you, trying to determine if it's the right time or not. Honestly, I don't think love has a time. You feel it when you do, tell them how you feel and hope that it's reciprocated. In your case, I definitely feel like it will be. If you want to say I love you after all this time, go for it :)