Should I go out with this guy tomorrow?

This guy asked for my number the other day and we have been texting each other for the past couple days he wants take me to some work thing at Dave and Busters. His texts are very short and hours in between. He never really explains why. He keeps asking for pics of me and I have put it off 4 times. He just seems dense and I don't know if I trust him. But than again I feel like maybe he's just really busy and lousy at texting and I should give him a chance... I also told him if he is looking for a hook up to stop wasting my time and he understands and said that's not what this is about.


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  • he might be asking other people? and you aren't his first choice? I don't know that's a tough one. I dont' know why he keeps asking pics of you, that's creepy. If he's busy he would say why. In my opinion i say don't go and lose his number.

  • Well you sure sound so ecstatic about it.


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