This girl that I am trying to date is driving me nuts. Can someone please explain what is going on and help me understand her reasoning?

I met this girl online and I finally decided to ask her out a week. I wanted to take it slow because i wanted her to get comfortable with me. She happily accepted and seemed excited. But here is what happened.

Monday-we were supposed to go out on Monday. But she canceled two hours before the date because work wore her out and she was busy with getting ready to move out of her apartment. I understood and we postponed till Tuesday

Tuesday- work was keeping her late. She told me that she would call me when she got home. I never got that call back.

Wednesday- I had assumed that was her way of saying she was not interested. So I did not contact her. She called me later that day and was apologizing for what happened. I accepted her apology and I asked if she was still interested in going out. She said yes and she said we could try later that night. But once again, she bows out and decides to try again tomorrow. She said she was sure she would get off by then. Hiding my annoyances, I accepted.

Thursday- I call to make sure she is still down. No call back and no text back.

Today-still no reply back

What is going on here? Who would do this to someone? I feel like she was playing with me this whole time.


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  • She is probably hiding something about herself that you would notice in person but not online. She probably really does want to meet you but fears rejection. Have y'all skyped before? I would give her a couple of days and then tell her, that you still want to meet her but you are going to quit trying and when she is ready to let you know, but in the mean time you are going to move on. Maybe even ask her why she is blowing you off?


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  • Hate to break it to you, but it seems like she's undecided. Have you actually met up in person yet? It's hard for girls to put all their trust in a guy they met online, there's so many creeps out there! (Not implying anything about you) She may be feeling torn between you and her safety. That or she likes to play games. Try asking to meet her in a more public place as a first meet up, like a mall, or a movie theatre. Give her a chance to get to know you, before going out more privately like at a restaurant.

    • We were supposed to meet at a restaurant. It was a public place. But she keeps flakinf. She calls me after standing me up and I thought she was willing to get to see me. But after Thursday, I don't know anymore. I feel like ending it.

    • Don't want to be rude, but breaking it off may be a good idea. Give her another chance, but of she flakes again she's probably not that interested in you. Sorry :(

  • well there might be a reason behind her cancelling out like this.. maybe some sort of insecurity?
    i did that once when i was overweight coz i did not wanted the guy to see me as fat so i kept postponing and then he went out with someone else LOL! but yeah try to find out maybe its some sort of insecurity. I think she probably wants more time to get to know you since its online?


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