Did I do the right thing by forgiving her? did I over react? she updated her dating profile?

Long story short:
-been talking to a girl from online for a month now
-she's interested and flirty, but to test her interest i like to see if she texts first
-one day she didn't text me the entire day and i noticed mid day she actually logged back on her dating profile and added a new pict
- i texted her that night after giving her a day to text me, and just had casual convo. then i told her i noticed she logged on her profile and she said she was changing the email settings because her email gets blown up with notifications
-i replied "yeah and you added a new pict i see" and she goes "yeah i was just bored"
-i then said "looks to me like you're looking for other options. how would you feel if i said hi to a random girl because i was "bored"?" and she said "i swear im not, and i'd be jealous"
- then i said "ok well have fun with your profile, you can use it to talk to a new guy. later" and she replied "are you serious? i actually really liked you too and you know what just f*ck you"

i didn't text her for an entire day and i just told her sorry i over reacted and we can give it another shot and she said she's sorry too and really happy i forgave her


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  • you seem like a douche. basing that off how controlling you seem of her interaction with you.

    you had nothing to forgive. not sure why she's dealing with your drama.

    • sorry i believe in dating one person?

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    • Dude you weren't dating you haven't even met.

    • Yeah, you said that insincerely. You did follow it up with 'how would you feel if...'. She is her own person. If she wants to log in and change her pic and NOT talk to you for one day, she should be able to without passive aggressive backlash from you. Disagree with me all you want. But I'm clearly not the only one who thinks you acted like a douche. Maybe some girls are attracted to that I don't know. But if you reacted that way with me, it would be a huge red flag that you're distrustful and clingy.

  • Dude you seriously overreacted. You've been talking for a month. You haven't even been on a date. You're expecting her to be in some exclusive relationship with you when you haven't even met?

    I met my bf online too. We talked for a month. We dated for 2 months before becoming exclusive. During those 3 months we were both talking and dating other people. It's called datingto find out what you want in a person.

    I would've been happy to find out you were a psycho before meeting you and said good riddens.

    • sorry i like to focus on one person? lol really? Talking and dating more then one person? while that IS smart, it's kinda scummy and thats why i dont do it.

      so what'd you do with the other guys after you became exclusive with your bf? "sorry i found someone as a bf, best of luck to you"

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    • So what if the other guys made it past 2 dates? then what? let the rest down and pick one?

      just because you're not exclusive doesn't mean you should see other people. it's like a mutual respect not to really focus on anyone else.

    • You're basically committing yourself to marriage and what hoping for the best?

      No I won't put all my eggs in one basket. It's a big world with billions of people. I'm going to find the right one for myself. Not just settle for the first guy that talked to me.

      Like I said the respect was that everyone involved wad on the same page. Someone can say they aren't interested in me as much as I can say it to them. We weren't exclusive just getting to know each other. You don't act like the bachelor and say you found someone better. You just know that someone doesn't fit with you, until someone does. And your slowly stop making dates with other people. It happens naturally.

      Good luck to you. I personally would never date someone like you. Your attitude is very clingy and controlling. Is she allowed to talk other guy friends, or is that cheating too? Just good luck. I've shared my opinion.

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