If you love some one so much wold you stay with them?

if your boyfriend or girlfriend told you they were transgender/ wanna change

would you stay with them?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • yes i would :) i would not mind if my boyfriend become a women. it would be a new experience for us both XD


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What Girls Said 4

  • No, regardless of how much I loved them, if they chose to change to the other gender I could just not look at them the same way. I know they'd be the same person inside, but physical attraction is a large component of a strong relationship in my opinion. Gender is a huge shift. I would try, but hard to imagine it would work out, not to mention how my family and friends may feel about it.

    Of course I would stick around as a close friend to offer support and such, but for their benefit would have to pull out of any romantic relations.

  • My ex wanted to become a woman and I supported him 100%. I don't care what gender they are. If I love someone, I love them.

  • No, I wouldn't go out with a transgender. Plus, they lied to me in the beginning. They would have to face my family and I would have to too. I understand they're afraid to let people in with the secret, but its selfish not to let someone know about it in the first place. Or at least the third date.

  • I don't know. Leaning towards no but i really am not sure. I want a man. Not a man who really wants to be a woman.

    • some people dont know tell later on in life who they really are tho

What Guys Said 1

  • No, because though I would be fine with it, I would be to embarrassed to tell my friends and family, and that wouldn't be fair to my partner.

    • why would you have to tell your family

    • I'm close to my family. Don't believe in lies and secrets those are just ticking time bombs in my opinion

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