How do I know if the relationship that I am in is right for me?

I have been in a long relationship, but don't know if we should get married. How do I know if I am right for her, or vice versa?


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  • It's not hard, but you have to read signs. Do you or your gf ever done something extremely hurtful that you can forgive, but can't forget?
    Do you guys get annoyed with each other?
    Do you guys fight a lot?
    Do you guys not care about each other going out late with your other friends and not letting each other know where you're going?
    Do you guys keep secrets to each other?
    Do you guys not have sex for a long time?

    Ask yourself these questions, if yes to any of them, will need to reconsider and look for a solution.

    Last 2 question, if your gf is gone right now, will you miss her? Do you see yourself having a family with her? Talk to her about it and plan things out with her. Its unhealthy to be in a relationship and not know where to go.


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  • It's simple.
    Pop the question and if she turns you down, then it wasn't meant to be; if she doesn't, then you found your soul mate!

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