ILike a girl what next?

First day of class. me looking here and there i saw a girl. I don't know I was attracted to look at her. now everyday I go and I sight her and I am like whoaah!.
I have never smiled at her or neither communicate. just I go and sit and slightly observe her. its like running rigors over my body.
She knows I look at her, she too secretly sights at me. I know I like her and every night 20 mins before sleep just I think of her. I note everyting of her what she wears etc.
I really feel I good. She also notes me now she sights me whenever I am working.

So my question is this lust or love? should I ask her out but I am afraid about my family and hers. please consider that this is india.
Also i am afraid of rejection. you can understand.
I am 5'10" 60kg. tall and skinny no muscles I know that I should improve. pls give advice

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I want to know how girls check boys and was the girl gazing me or checking which guy gazes at her
Will she feel awkward when I gaze her


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  • If this is the first time you're experiencing this feeling, it's that first-love sight kind of thing. That girl may be really nice to look at, but sometimes you need to get to know them beyond the surface, you know? You shouldn't be worried about your appearance; confidence in yourself and actions make the largest impression.
    If she gazes at you, too, then you've got even less of a reason to be afraid of rejection. The first step is to say hello!
    And yeah, it's a kind of lust. Once you know them beyond their appearance, the lust will either dissipate or turn into a kind of love :)

    • I am worried because this is India and you know people from good families dont. in india

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    • I understand it's tough in India. I spent a summer over there; I was a fish out of water, that's for sure. In this day and age, your mind and personality are worth as much as if not more than your appearance :)

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  • You are infatuated. If you started dating this pretty girl and make her yours you might fall in love. Be patient! Love is rare and takes time to develop.


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  • Its india dude, u r under 18. Forget about her.. sab but true.