He gave me his number instead of asking for mine. What does that mean?

I don't normally encounter this. When a guy is interested in me, he asks for my number, rather than giving me his number. He's cute, and I do wanna go out with him. But him giving me his number instead of him asking for mine has me kind of confused. I mean, what do I do now? If I want to see him again, I have to initiate contact, right?

He and a couple of other guys were flirting with me that night (let me tell ya... at 37, that felt great!). He's the only one among the 3 I'm interested in. The other 2 asked for my num, and he was the only one who gave me his num instead of asking for mine.

Men? What's my move now?


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  • Well it puts the ball in your court, it's less confrontational. Instead of risking rejection by asking for your number he's giving his.
    Also it makes him stand out from the crowd since like you said normally guys ask for your number rather than give theirs.

    It looks like it worked too. You're not here on gag posting about the 2 guys that asked for your number. You're posting about the ONE guy that gave you his. Lol its mission accomplished for him. Even if you don’t call him back, he DID get noticed more than the other dudes.

    This would be my translation of what it means
    " I'm interested in you. Im not sure if you're interested in me, so if you are give me a call, if not don't"

    So yeah, the ball is in your court :)

    • LOL at this: "You're not here on gag posting about the 2 guys that asked for your number. You're posting about the ONE guy that gave you his." Yeah, mission accomplished. He's certainly on my mind now, hah!

    • Lol, he got inside your head.

    • Awesome!

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  • it means he wants you to start the conversation
    i do that most of the times, because girls usually end up giving the number but when you contact them they dont show much interest, its like they give out the number in the heat of the moment but when you give the girl your number it means that she will only contact you when she is interested

    • I guess that makes sense. So he's not sure I'm interested and put the ball in my court?

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    • It's just kind of bizarre. Most guys I meet are like, "You're (insert compliment here), can I have your number?"

    • yeah but then u dont think about those guys when you go home
      two or three days later you are bored of them
      but when a guy gives you hhis number you will interested to know what exactly is he and thus the flare will stay lit at least for a week

  • He is smart and playing on the safe side. He achieved two things.
    1- he didn't have to go across rejection which implies that you would have refused to give him the number and which he made sure that you didn't gave your number for nane sake.
    2- If you initiate a chat by saying " hey this is me!" then it is something positive message for him. A sure sign that you are as a girl keen to have friebdship with him. A message of possible longterm friendship/ relationship or whatever way it goes.

    He is a egoistic arrogant overconfident douche who thinks he can get every girl he wants.

  • It just shows that he is a bit more confident.

    • How is that confidence when he's putting the ball in my court?

    • To the contrary. It means that he want confident enough that you'd give him yours.

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  • He wanted to b diff so u remeber him. he's into girl

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