Is she testing me, or what is it that she wants me to do?

She tells me she likes me a lot, we were together, she was pregnant from me, we sometimes kiss but she doesn't seem so willingly anymore. so Wednesday we almost had sex again, and Thursday she is texting me she doesn't want me around anymore, but that she still likes me a lot. it all makes no sence. she tells me last weeks have been stressfull and i approve, but she made it stressfull mostly by her decisions. she was hiding the pregnancy, she was in a relationship with someone she didn't really love, and never saw. because of the stress she doesn't want me around anymore, but im the only decent person she has in her life. what does she want from me, i love her and i care for her. is she testing me, or what, and why almost have sex with me again, telling me you like it a lot, and the next day , change like that. she tells me im good at sex, why can't we just enjoy each others bodies anymore.

tips, advice are welcome, i really dont know what to do, im thinking about laying down a bit, but im not good at it, at not texting her, or seeing how she is doing, but i feel like she takes me for granted. should i stay calm, or drop by and tell her how much she means to me, and just try to have some good make up sex, should i try to wind her up, for some good sex, and share that intimacy again, its not about the sex but that way she will remember.


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  • You are saying here, dear, that 'She was pregnant from me,' which is telling me she no longer is carrying your baby. She was also in a 'Relationship' with another and now, for it doesn't have to be etched in stone, she is playing head and heart games with you... but not on purpose, she is being wary and leery.
    I detect that she still cares about you but is Paranoid to 'Have sex with me again' because she is afraid that she could end up to Square One and this would be another full circle pattern she is not willing to risk with you.
    You both need to sit down and keep the open lines of communication open on this delicate matter. If you have these feelings for one another, enjoy the sex, then do some serious compromising to be together again so there are no fears of another folly and the chances again of the bough breaking as well.
    Good luck. xx

    • i really dont understand her , last Sunday we had an argument , i told her something, and it wasn't insulting or anything, she got up angry, openend the front door, told me to leave, than ran to the bathroom crying and angry, her daughter was still in the room, i told her daughter, i love your mom a lot, kid is just 7, than she came back out, told me to leave. i left, no communication, than i texted her, how she was doing, because she is still seeing the doctor. than last Wednesday, we texted, and i asked her if she wanted me to come over. she said yes, and i saw her late in the evening. innitially she didn't wanted me to touch her, than we had oral sex, i was pleasing her body, and we agreed to have sex again, coming week, because the doctor told her to wait for 2 weeks. and just Thursday she doesn't want me around anymore, well i saw her anyway, but why, she likes me a lot, but expects me to agree with us not seeing each other, i can't do that, i rather die than

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    • i dont understand why she reads my text, doesn't answer, than 30 minutes later, checks her whats app again, does she want me to text her, and what should i text or shouldn't i text her again today and wait till tomorrow. i really want to see her, and Monday , Tuesday would be the perfect opportunity for us to see each other, but she is looking for excuses, how much space should i give her,

    • It's hard to know how much space, for she is behaving sporadically with all of this, it's because she is scared she may get pregnant again with you and she wants You in her life, but because of her fear, dear, is keeping you at arm's length... text her and tell her when she is ready to open up, please do... you can't continue to let her drive you crazy for she has emotional issues that she needs to handle...

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