You MUST be kidding me... he's back? Now what?

I told a guy I had been seeing for three months to basically take a hike. He had relegated me to friends with benefits and refused to move the relationship forward. Every encounter was about sex. I told him nope, after three months, even though I wasn't head over heels, I expect there should have been some progress. I told him I was worth way more, and I told him one example of what made me feel bad was that he couldn't find 30 seconds in a week and a half to say hi. I told him I was done.

He responded with apologies but didn't say he wanted more. I thought we were done, and I was fine.

Until this week when he started texting every day. Non sexual, how are you, miss your smile texts.

I was done with this a$$hole. You all HELPED me be done!!! What the crud? Is he THAT upset to miss out on sex with me or did he figure out that he did want more?

I have been responding with casual one sentence replies. He will be back from his trip soon and I know he will want to take me out (which he stopped bothering to do,).

Guys and girls, remind me he is a user and piece of crap that hurt me :(.

He is still at it. I feel like just asking him what exactly he wants. I feel kind of bad because I told him one of the things I disliked was that he couldn't be bothered to contact me... and here he is doing it daily. Flipping men; you are all baffling. Doesn't matter. I'm done with him, but this is a little confusing.


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  • Two options:

    He either realized what he was missing and wants to pursue you properly or...

    He wants to get some one last time. Probably the latter.

    • This. Yup. Keep reminding me, so I can be strong enough to tell him to stay the he!! away from me!

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    • Wow. That is really... perfect. Thank you. ;)

    • No problem ;) That's what we're here for right?

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  • He's caving in to your "demands" that were simply evidence of his not caring
    in order to get the friends with benefits privileges returned to him

    If you cave, then enjoy the merry-go-round, as he will revert to SOP old days

    Block his time wasting moves & invest this new free time in shopping for a replacement

    • Haha you are so right. He wants to meet me out where we had our first date tonight. Torn between dressing to kill, having dinner, paying my half and strutting my tall booty away just to watch him squirm.

      Sex is out... I started sleeping with someone who actually wants to take me out in between, so no going back. I won't sleep with two men at once. Ohhhh... lol... in any sense if that phrase :P

    • My choice would be to use that time on the new one, even if a "free meal"

  • specially if he's coming from a trip, he most likely just didn't have any in a while, thats why he's texting you


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  • Look I am really no expert on this relationship stuff but let me tell you what I feel.
    I think you should go out with when he asks you to. I am sure you'll understand what he wants from his body language.
    I mean you can't know what intention one really has from their texts. I mean he might start off as casual and then slowly drag into this friends with benefits thing.

    • Aww, thank you. A second chance, huh? Hmmm.

    • Not a second chance really. Just meet him. Not a date or as such. Try to be really alert. Don't fall into trap of flirtations and all.

  • I have a friend like this he only messages me for pics and I'm just like leave me the fuck alone because we used to have class together of course we dated but he dumped me with in an hour that's a completely different story its way to dramatic but I dealt with that and the thing is I never sent him amy pics so I cursed him out cuz he only ever texted me for pics and then after that every morning he kept texting me and wouldn't leave me alone everyday I till he started asking fir pics again he just wants more sex he's using you and its a trap DNAO OUT OF IT WOMAN *slaps your face*

  • Don't sell yourself short because of a few compliments and attention. You ARE worth more, if you jump the moment he texts then what message is that sending?

    • IKR? Plus I started seeing someone who treats me right. I really thought this guy's pride wouldn't let him come back after I dumped him. I asked this before... how do they know when we are happy without them?

    • If you're genuinely happy without him he'll know. Or just tell him you've met a great guy. Youd be fine meeting for a drink as friends but you're happy with your new man.

  • he wants sex again.