How would you react girls? think men all the same.. dont you?

Basically been seeing this guy for 2 month. Went on holiday together etc. I still trying to know him etc. I never really check his phone but today when he asked to give me his phone I noticed there was a text from a girl saying where is my bloody date.

He saw said who is it. i said I dont know. He said he met her 5 month ago and she still pestures him for a date.

Obviously i told him if he cheats i leave straight away. He said he never cheated and loves me till bits etc. I just feel thaT i can't trust him 100% now. He said he messaged him first etc when i said that i dont get texts like that from previous guys i seen.


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  • I understand that the text matches his story, but if you are in an exclusive relationship she shouldn't be asking where her date is... she should know there isn't one coming. It's obvious to me that he has not been forthright with her about his relationship with you.

    • Well he told me he met her 5 month ago.. and then when I saw the text her was sating he loves me till bits
      . so you think he might be having something on a side and pretended like he doesn't know her. I mean its hard to trust him now as I don't know what and who he messages

    • I don't think anything because I don't know him, you, or her.

      You have three choices:

      1) Give him the benefit of the doubt and let it go (100% let it go)
      2) Carry on but be more suspicious (this could hurt what you have)
      3) Dump him.

    • Yes think what it is.. because we been together 2 month and he met her a while and only now said he has a gf which I don't know if he did. Its hard for me because I don't know what he texts and who.. I don't know him that well. I did let it go.. but I think I will be a bit more cautious. I mean I seen guys but I don't get text like that even from older guys I seen..

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  • Why are all the short-term relationships even taken this seriously? It's been 60 days. This is not a commitment.

    • So you think that its acceptable for random girl message your bf asking for a date?

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    • Yeah fare enough if she was approaching you on a street.. other thing if she sees A message from someone random.. plus obvoiusly i dont know who and what he texts other people and what kind of people.

    • You need a P. I.!

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  • Hmm. The text actually seems in line with what he is telling you. :) . Give him the benefit of the doubt this time.

    • What you mean in line? Well I started saying I love you less etc..

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    • I know, I know. But it isn't his fault if she got his number before you two were seeing each other, right? And he is ignoring her. Maybe he could block her, otherwise there isn't a lot to be done. It sucks, I know, but if this is what it seems it really isn't his fault.

    • Yeah but they say there is no smoke without a fire.. plus I don't know who he texts and what in a day

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