Preference for girls of Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan or similar. I'm Brazilian something/latin/Italian/white/caucasian. How to get one?

Because I like their eyes and smile and are rare in my city and country. I like all girls but I have preference for them.

I want to immigrate to some of those countries because my country is not good anyway, I would like to meet a new country, learn to live in other country, and they have the girls that are my preference.

I'm not rich and have some cute girls here, I'm considered attractive for them, I like them too, but aren't my preference.

Brazilian girls are overrated or boring to me. And the majority are ugly and their bodies are normal for me.


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  • just move and do it


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  • I think Asian girls are really pretty too. Honestly I would just look into moving there, especially if you've considered it anyway.
    There will be tons of these girls and you will live somewhere you may like better. Not sure if you speak any of their languages though, you may want to work on that first.
    Find which country you like best and figure out the process of moving there.
    Start by traveling first to get a feel for it.

    • I need to marry a girl to be able to live in the country? I will travel to meet the country first. I'm not rich, so it is difficult to live in expensive places. And I need to learn how to get jobs.

  • I don't mind really, it depends on the guy, but I like tall men with blonde hair.

    My parents really prefer Asian though, so I have to take into account.

    • My father is blond and have blue eyes and is handsome, look like van damme, is navy sergeant, and get young girls, I was blond when I was kid, my mother is latin/caucasian. Now I have dark hair and dark brown eyes. My hair is straight but I prefer short hair.

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