I don't understand what goes wrong?

i was in a relationship for two and a half years then i was single for a year after we broke up. It was a really good relationship and she was really pretty. I am currently single, i have little to no luck with girls these days and my university is 70% girls. I dont know what i do wrong but girls always tend to stop talking to me after a while


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  • Do you have a hunch of what it may be? Usually we know deep down what mistakes we are making. You may not be making any mistakes but if you are actively trying to date or get in a relationship and can't its very likely. Most likely, it will be something easy to fix. Start with the basics with looks. Make sure you have all of your hygiene routines down, no B. O. or bad breath, clean hair... yadayada. Do you have your own stuff going on to make sure you don't appear to be too needy? Clearly you are in school, that's a start. Do you also work or have any extracurricular activities or sports? If it's something past that, it would be hard for me to pinpoint it without knowing more of your situation. Have the girls just kind of slowly quit talking to you and showing interest or did they give you a reason? Make sure you aren't coming on too strong, girls also like a challenge.

    • not sure if im honest, but i totally get what you're saying. i would say i was active. i wouldn't say cleanliness is the problem (although i am very clean) its mostly messaging/ texting that i do. maybe i am too needy? im not sure how i'd know. Not currently doing any sports. At first they seem really eager then they just stop talking, i've tried to be more laid back instead of aggressively messaging but no luck. The girls that i do manage meeting with im never into, the ones i am into are never interested (thank you for your time!) also if it helps a lot of my female friends tell me im attractive

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