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I can't get a girlfriend?

Behold, I am putting my spergiform life out there:

I am 23, have a 70k a year job, somewhat good looking, 6'5, black, slim.

But yet I don't have a girlfriend and I never have before. I am a virgin.

Here are things that are wrong with me:

Pure bad luck when I spit game i. e. girls tell me they are dating

I tend to be too serious during dates from OKC or POF- 2 girls told me they have felt they were being interviewed.

I can't get girls who work at my firm. I work at McKinsey based in DC, as a tech strat consultant. McK girls are hard and very professional.

I am from Senegal originally, and girls there would kill to be with me, because I went to school in America (I know cuz I was there a year ago). But I am here I can't do a thing.

Sometimes think of depending on taking advantage of girls 'beneath me' to get with a woman. Meaning I am ready to fly a girl who might like me from university down to see me and take advantage of that. I am currently working on something like that- tell me if I should proceed.

I tend to be forceful sometimes. E. g: this morning I was talking to a girl o POF who messaged me first. She was hot, and everything and so I was surprised and excited. I started chatting away, but she was one shotting my questions so it wasn't conversational. To which I panicked and I asked her on a date or Skype session to which she refused and said I was too aggressive and she lost interest.

I might be too blunt and maybe too honest and that kills me. I believe one girl told me she wasn't interested based on me telling her that if I thought she was fat, I would let her know (she was one of the girls I 'interviewed'.

I have SOME girls message me first, and unfortunately they are either 'rachet' or they are ugly and I really don't see myself being with them so I just give up and tell them I am not interested.
I can't get a girlfriend?
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