I can't get a girlfriend?

Behold, I am putting my spergiform life out there:

I am 23, have a 70k a year job, somewhat good looking, 6'5, black, slim.

But yet I don't have a girlfriend and I never have before. I am a virgin.

Here are things that are wrong with me:

Pure bad luck when I spit game i. e. girls tell me they are dating

I tend to be too serious during dates from OKC or POF- 2 girls told me they have felt they were being interviewed.

I can't get girls who work at my firm. I work at McKinsey based in DC, as a tech strat consultant. McK girls are hard and very professional.

I am from Senegal originally, and girls there would kill to be with me, because I went to school in America (I know cuz I was there a year ago). But I am here I can't do a thing.

Sometimes think of depending on taking advantage of girls 'beneath me' to get with a woman. Meaning I am ready to fly a girl who might like me from university down to see me and take advantage of that. I am currently working on something like that- tell me if I should proceed.

I tend to be forceful sometimes. E. g: this morning I was talking to a girl o POF who messaged me first. She was hot, and everything and so I was surprised and excited. I started chatting away, but she was one shotting my questions so it wasn't conversational. To which I panicked and I asked her on a date or Skype session to which she refused and said I was too aggressive and she lost interest.

I might be too blunt and maybe too honest and that kills me. I believe one girl told me she wasn't interested based on me telling her that if I thought she was fat, I would let her know (she was one of the girls I 'interviewed'.

I have SOME girls message me first, and unfortunately they are either 'rachet' or they are ugly and I really don't see myself being with them so I just give up and tell them I am not interested.


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  • I'm sure you can meet someone if you just go out and talk to other people and socialize with other women and get to know them. Try to like pick an interesting topic with someone and see where you to go from there. Another word of advice is don't rush so quickly into relationships. Take the time to get to know people first, trust me if its meant to be it will be. I'm sure she won't care if you are a virgin a lot of women like virgins there's nothing wrong with it. Go out there and get to know people and talk to them. Talk to women about anything, how there life is, how there day was, any good movies came out that you have seen lately? You don't have to think so hard about what to say, let it come naturally. I'm sure you will meet your perfect match sometime. Trust me you don't fall in love over night. It is a slow growing process, first you become friends and then you turn that friendship into something even more romantic. Just be yourself, that's the best thing a person can be.


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  • Thinking about taking advantage of girls that are "beneath you"?
    You claim you know why..
    So what's your question?

    • I quoted 'beneath' myself. To define beneath according to me, I am talking of girls who are really a waste of time. Like girls who really can't get a life, who seem to just look good everyday, because they can. I seem to be able to pick these girls easily... but not girls who really do seem like they are worth the time. For this reason, I haven't have had full vaginal sex... Just because the women I am able to almost prey on, are quite easy to obtain.

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    • It's probably your personality.

    • Perhaps, but objectively speaking I am generally liked. Romance is a different story

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  • I think your biggest problem is that you come across as pretentious and big headed... Its the first thing that jumped out at me to be honest. i earn 70k year, have an amazing job etc, etc...

    Maybe just try chilling out a bit, you probably scare a lot of women off.

    I'm just being brutally honest, and not trying to take a shot at you or anything like that.

    • No. I actually don't try to come off that way. I am telling you guys these things to put up a perspective. I am not poor, neither am I rich. I don't look it either.

      So women are not rejecting me based off that.

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    • Makes sense... I wish I could change that. lol

    • Coming out with things like this need to stop lol

      "I quoted 'beneath' myself. To define beneath according to me, I am talking of girls who are really a waste of time. Like girls who really can't get a life"

      As I said... pretentious.

  • Grow some balls man