How do I fix my trust n jealousy?

Okay ny girlfriend like she never tells me if she's going out or going to like mall, football games out wit friends. I always find out threw fb. And then like she always tell me the excat same thing is last time. Okay am i wrong from wanting to see what's on her fb? She always aviod the question? Sooo does this mean she maybe hiding something? When i find out she's going somewhere only when her friends post something on her fb. And then when she's go out or something like that i can tell cuz she never text me back. Like she competle for gets about me. What should i do about to i wanna trust but i can't from some reason. But i tell her every thing I'm doing but she don't. Am i wrong for asking for her fb account?


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  • To a point of view, it may seem like you're just being a nagging bf. On another point of view, you're being extra caring and just want her to give you a little heads up before she goes places. Not that you're a stalker bf but you never know, you could've wanted to go along and hang out with her friends as well. But, the whole asking for her fb is a bit much, you're putting the emphasis that you don't trust her to do what she wants. Just talk to her and be like, look I want you to be happy and hang out with your friends but I just don't like how you never tell me anything and I have to find out from fb and forget about me, just give me a head up.. If she throws a fit and all and it goes badly badly, think of your relationship


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