What are some signs a girl likes a guy?

I'm horrible at reading girls. So what are some not so obvious signs. Like things said during a conversation and actions?


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  • It depends on the girl if she is super shy or is bad at flirting lol. Most will smile and make eye contact, give u her phone number or add u on fb. She will text u back quickly and usually with more then one word. Brag about herself , laugh at ur jokes, she may dress up extra nice if she knows she will see u, extra maekup. Stuff like that. also if a girl likes you she is going to overthink everything, like she may be thinking if he said the correct things, if she looked good enough or she is doing the same thing trying to figure out if u like her. Just ask her. If it is meant to be she will say she likes you if not then there is someone better


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  • She looks at the ground when she walks by you
    She talks to everyone but you
    She glances at you a few times
    She tries to talk online sometimes
    She talks about you sometimes
    She only talks to you if you approach
    Her friends stare at you
    Her friends push her in your direction
    Her tweets relate to you
    She blushes near you
    She hides in her hair near you
    Trust me there are tons and tons of signs.

    • Signs an introvert likes you

    • Anyone really, people who like other people tend to get shy. These sins will definitely appear if she is shy though.

  • Eye contact, holding your gaze while smiling, doesn't back off when you flirt or get up close to her when talking.

  • She talks to everyone but you, She glances at you a few times, She talks about you sometimes, She only talks to you if you approach well this is what I usually do.

  • smilessss and she keeps the convo going and nervousness sometimes i do all these things


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