How do I go about dating when I have very little in common with girls my own age?

One of the biggest problems I have in dating is that I have a lot more in common with the girl's parents than I do with her, and all of the people who know me say that I pretty much act like I'm 40 even though I'm only twenty.

Plus, according to my younger sister, I talk like I'm an old dude (apparently I have a tendency to make pop culture references from a couple decades back)

The big thing is that I really do have almost nothing in common with most of my peers, and end up having more to talk about with my peers parents or grandparents. Even now in college I tend to be able to talk with my professors a lot easier than I can hold a conversation with my classmates.

(My father has had me working for him in carpentry and construction settings since I was a kid so I spent a lot of time with plant workers and people in their thirties and forties, because of that I know a lot of the small talk and culture from when they were young.)

From what experience I do have in dating, this has tended to make me seem like I'm weird, I make great first impressions with older people, and most people's parents love me, but I can't seem to find any girls my own age who like me because I seem to unintentionally alienate myself from people my own age.

Now I have no interest in trying to date older women, but I'm at a loss for what to do about my dating situation. Do any of the ladies here think that this is an attractive feature? Can you think of anything I can do to try and hide the fact that I don't have a lot in common with most people my own age?


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  • Hey man, don't worry about it. It's odd but really, some girls are attracted to the guys that isolate themselves from the crowd and are more mature, You stand out!
    My brother has been working in a similar environment for my dad since he was 14 which is funny. He's 26 now and still has problems with girls for the same reason as you: he gets along with older people better. Try match. com! I know it's kind of cliche, but if you're honest and really, embrace the fact that you're mature and let that shine through your profile, some girl may dig that and want to get to know you better. Just stay true to yourself, we need more mature guys out there to set a good example! I bet you're a real catch. :)

    • I'm kind of hesitant to try online dating, it seems kind of like giving up to me. But it sounds like that might be my best option after all.

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  • Oh wow i have the same exact problem since I was a teenager and it has followed me now that im 20. I have always done better with older friends. I was the only 15 year old talking to me in their 20s cause i couldnt handle talking to such idiots (classmates)... Im still waiting on finding a guy my age-ish (not past 25) that i can tolerate

    • Is there anything you came up with that has helped you out? Because honestly I'm not sure what I can do besides either suck it up and bite the bullet, or to just give up on dating until I'm in my mid twenties and the people my age have started to become more like I am now.

    • Being in college has helped a bit but i wouldn't give up just yet. Some tactics would be meeting girls at a place of interest that you like. Im also an athlete so at meets or parctices i can survive through a conversation with young men my age from something were both interested in.

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  • Try OkCupid or a dating site.