Meeting my boyfriends parents today, any tips?

basically my boyfriend thought he'd be smart and have me come around for his moms birthday and i kind of new very little about her except that she likes owls, any tips on how to make agood first impression?


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  • Remember that Mom's and Son's can have special relationships. She might be a little jealous that there is no a new woman in her son's life. She might be totally jazzed about it. feel her out a little.

    Be respectful of her. Pay attention to what she says. Ask about things in her house. Pay her compliments (real ones). Bring her some flowers or something. And make sure you don't take the attention on her day.

    Most of all be yourself. His mom is going to want to see what her son sees in you.

    Probably nothing helpful, but a few thoughts... Best wishes.

  • Simply be yourself, be sociable and make good general conversation with his family :-)


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