He started to say I love you but stopped. ?

Dating him for four months... & about a month ago he said I love you half asleep and didn't recall so I never mentioned it. I knew he'd say it again in perfect timing...

This morning we were rolling around play fighting in bed and I ended up with my head on his chest as he joked with me and I looked at him as he laughed and said "I love..." & I was still reacting to the joke he cracked on me a moment before so after his pause I a laughed with him and said "what?" Like a did you seriously try and just joke on me like that and when i realized what followed I locked eyes with him... he didn't say "I love you" just "I love..."

What do you think was the reason he didn't complete the sentence?


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  • Love is a very powerful word, he may have started to say it and realized wow i do really love this person and a million thoughts started running theough his head about you, or he could have thought that it was too soon in the relationship to be truley in love with someone and didn't want to push things too fast not knowing exactly what your feelings were.


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  • Maybe he knows how important love is to you, and he's teasing you so you'll press him to say it. Guys based on research fall in love after the 3rd date and girls after the 14th, on average, so he is most likely in love with you, yet in relationships girls usually profess emotions first as they tend to deal with them more. Boys on the other hand are taught to hold back on emotional expressions until they are sure the feeling is mutual and they feel emotionally safe with a girl. Guys don't have support groups for rejection or guy friends that help sooth a wounded ego or broken heat guys take rejection with the same physical pain as being stabbed by a knife, the feelings affect the same areas of the brain. And usually it takes longer for them to recover. So you can see his hesitation. So if you love this guy, let it out but don't expect reciprocation right away, he'll most likely test to see if it's true depending on his past experience with girls.


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