So I been talking to this guy and his past relationship he was hurt. How can I show him that I won't hurt/cheat on him? I just want him to trust me?

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  • Kyshy is right. You can't force someone to open up and trust you. All you can do is be there for him and be his rock. He will come around eventually.


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  • I think that's something you just have to slowly show over time. Eventually, I think this is something he'll definitely take notice of! As long as your patient, and know that trust does not come over night, I think everything will be fine!

    • Exactly! It's not something a guy will take your word for, you need to SHOW it to him. Treat him with respect, don't flip out if he tells you something you don't like, be tolerant and patient, care about and for him... Over time he will gradually open up to you, and if you constantly keeps showing him you want to help and try to help, he'll trust you.
      It will take some time, for some even years if they were hurt too badly, but with time he will trust you more and more.

      So @Kyshy you couldn't be more correct

    • ^ Right!

    • Well said.