Why does he not talk properly? GUYS any ideas?

so Whenever I try talking to this guy IT gets quiet and awkward because be rarely says anything or asks questions back. Also he starts playing with his phone between. He also avoids me its soo obvious. Then at times he smiles at me or comes and stands or sits with me on the bus on his own I'm starting to think he's just being nice. He's not shy I don't think cause I've seen his interactions with girls and I've seen his instagram. he also pretends he doesn't know things I know he does very well or fully tell me the truth about weekend plans but gets curious when I tell him what I'm doing
I've been running into his friend a lot a couple weeks ago and he came up to me one day and said hi. I didn't know he was his friend until IT came up in the convo well anyways he was like add me on Facebook or I'll add you. I forgot about IT till a week ago and sent him a request he told me he was going on vacation and he still hasn't reaponded. Now I'm wondering If the guy told him not to add me - what do you guys think He was ahead of me in the bus line a couple days ago but I didn't go in cause I didn't want to bother him cause of his behaviour
I ran into him in the bus line recently and we smiled at each other I was ahead. The bus came and I stood on the side and wasn't planning on boarding he came up and was like lets go and so I did. After a while near the end he asked me If I wasn't going to board and I told him ya and gave my reason. Does he think I was avoiding him?

Ps we are 20


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  • He seems to be hiding something from you.


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