How can I assure him that I won't hurt him?

I unintentionally hurt the guy I was dating. There was a huge misunderstanding leaving us both hurt and not speaking for a period of time. I feel AWFUL about it, especially bc he has previous baggage with relation to feeling insecure and now he's terrified I will hurt him and leave him. We love each other so much, but he immediately steps back now after things get really romantic between us. I know it will take time to regain his trust, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to assure him that I love him deeply and am not going anywhere? Thanks so much in advance.


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  • Trust takes time. All you can do if you want to make this work is go slowly with him. and show him over time you aren't going anywhere. Also don't assume anything so that you can work through misunderstandings before they get too big and become something else.

    The flip side of it is that he can't just say forever "i was hurt before I have baggage." At some point he has to acknowledge you are not her.

  • Be kind and loving :) show him and tell him you love him :]


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