Why do black guys love to date blonde white girls?

I see a lot of black guys dating blonde white girls.
Do you know why? Maybe a black guy can me explain that.

I am totally ok with that, I am just curious.

(I live in California)


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  • There's a novelty about dating different ethnicities for some people. There are also Black guys who won't date outside of their race so there you go. Another way to look at it is that there are a lot of Blonde White girls with Black guys... so do blondies have a thing for Black dudes? lol

    I'm Hispanic and I always liked White girls but I've been turned off by them as I've gotten older. They tend to be like men; always burping or farting, that's just gross. Obviously they all aren't like that. Plus we tend to have totally different senses of humor. There's a cute blue eyed blonde I would have liked to date but she was too young for me at the time. I actually think I made her sad by indicating that the last time we met lol.

    I digress... but yeah. I think it's a matter of novelty, really.

  • Probably the same reason that a lot of white guys like Asians. Tighter pussy.

    As for blondes... They're just sexier than other women.

    I'm not gonna get long winded. Go to Bing and search why are blondes so attractive/sexy/attractive


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