Why Ex Gf disappear again? And What's wrong with the ex and the girl friend?

My ex and i broke up 3 years ago in bad terms. we had a gf K ( lesbian) convinced me be with my ex before.. after yhe broke up she has been in the middle.. she betrayed me by telling my ex wht i told her so i cut her off in life.
Three months ago. K added my fb. i rejected and message her asking why. no response. one week later, my ex added my fb. i did the same on her request as well.
Weeks ago, i was on Skype and took initiative to check hows my ex doin due to curiosity. she insisted to meet up the weekend and said to me she regret for wht she did on me and asked for my forgiveness.. saying also she is mature now so want us come out let go the past and get to know her. i tho she was sincere so i agreed to meet.
The catch up was ok.. she told me about her work.. people we knew and asked me do i hv gf now. she wanted to share ice cream with me after dinner and was bein bit touchy. I felt she was comfortable with me around.
The next day.. kelly message me asked me why i hated her and sound like she know much of wht i talked to my ex... i confronted my ex why the case and she refused to reply.
No contact with her until two wks ago.. i was having trouble at work and wanted to talk to mu ex for sum advice.. she didn't replu my text but called me that night to check am i ok and asked me do i want dinner tgt. i felt she is pretty sincere n caring. we had some contact on that and she said i cn always talk to her but she hates writing so she would prefer me contacting her via face to face or phone call.
This sun we suppose to meet for dinner.. and we talked ok.. all of a sudden on fri.. after k texted my ex.. kelly texted me saying" hey stop bothering me and your ex. i am annoyed if u don't know. stop texting her. u r a pity. u dun hv ur other fds to talk to so hv to go to ur ex lover? go cry to your fds. we r not interested.. you are annoying". ex stopped message me afer that.. even till now she still keep silence.


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  • I didn't understand shit like I got lost in the first 5 lines


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  • I couldn't understand what the hell is being said so I can't really answer you.

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