What do I do if I have started dating this gay but I am afraid to get to close to people because I am to afraid of loosing them?

we started dating on the 1st of November and we go to school together and are in grade 11 this year


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  • I know what you mean, your scared that you one day all this will just go away an those months and possibly years were for nothing. . but let me tell you this.

    Being afraid of losing someone is probably the best thing ever simply because you're willing to do anything, anything to keep that person. It is what strengthens the bond in that relationship of your.

    If youd like, take things slow then.

  • lol... you should re-read your question. gives it a whole different meaning. but i know what you mean. and what I recommend is go slow. Girls (especially at your age) tend to think too far ahead and spoil what is going on in the present due to thinking about the future. Just relax and enjoy the time you have with this guy (lol) and watch the relationship progress without the threat of losing him.


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