Chatroulette Romance?

So 5 weeks ago after a few drinks with friends I logged on to the good old CR and came across this cute guy slowly stripping... I started laughing and carried on watching for him to stop and laugh and say usually people don't watch and click next, 7 hours later we added each other on fb...
Day one we laughed about the night before and sent videos back and forth on wasap...
From day 3 we were already like omg i like you (this never happens to me usually I am a very jokey person and it's unusual for me to even admit I like someone..)
Within a week 200 vids had been sent and received and this went on for a good 4 weeks. Then I started backing off... then I explained it was becuase I am so unsure of what we are doing.. then he backed off... then we admitted that this feels different and spoke about " lets just continue and see where it goes" few days he was open about his feelings and so was I...
And the passed two days he has been SO stand off. No morning texts no evening texts and even him saying if he hooked up with a girl he wouldn't feel guilty (strange cos a week before he admitted he would be jealous if I got with anyone?)
I relised he had pulled back and he admitted he relises this isn't real and feels in a comfortable place with me.
That hurt. So I came clean and said as much as I don't want to stop talking I have developed some real feelings and I think its safer to stop then carry on. He replied "if that's the case we are on the same level"
I didn't reply and have woken up to a drunk video of him in a club and 5 texts an hr in between saying how drunk he is and this morning how hungover he is.
I am fucking confused?

Thoughts? Do I get out before its to late? Is he pushing me away to protect himself? Do guys become obsessed in the start then just loose interest? He's said before that he no longer just wants to have sex but he has a deeper connection and just wants to cuddle me? But then recently if I bring up dirty talk he kinda ignores it?


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  • Personally and there are exceptions, I would be wary about people on Chatroulette and other similar sites.

    They are there probably just look for sex and fun, not a relationship and its possible the guy is just trying to play you. Be careful.

  • Just quit while you're ahead.


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