Guy I'm dating told me he think's I'm worth waiting for?

... because I'm busy with uni and stuff at the moment so I only get to see him about once a week for a few hours. Do you think that means he is genuine and wants a relationship with me rather than just sex? (My schedule will be really busy for the next 3 weeks and has been since I've known him)


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  • Patience is virtue, for I am quite sure you have heard this old saying. However, with This is Also another old saying: Buyer beware.
    Being you are at the beginning of this beguine with him, you both are just starting the stage of nursing and nurturing what could be a 'Relationship.' You have him chasing you, you are a challenge right now, a juicy apple at the top of the tree because he hasn't had a chance to 'Embark' on anything more, such as a normal sexual advance, if given the opportunity... you are sparking his interest...
    Once you find the time to spend more Time with each other, continue to play your cards right and keep him coming back. If you would rush into anything too soon, it could be a dealbreaker as to find out then what is may or may not be really wanting.
    Many of today's toms are not looking to get hooked a the hip, so go slow with your flow and if everything keeps going down this potential path, you may eventually have him jumping through a few hoops of your own.
    I feel he he likes you, is trying to get to know you more. I don't believe he is using you but without knowing him longer, you won't really know anything until you have spent more moments together. For now, don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Good luck, good work... looking good. xx

    • Thank you for your answer :)
      What would you consider to be too soon for sex? The most we have done so far is kiss but with no tongues or anything.
      The furthest he has implied at is having a movie night at his I the future but I just said hmm we'll see if I'm still seeing you.
      Is there anything you would suggest doing to play y cads right? Becuae I want him to know I'm interested but at the same time I want to take my time xx

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    • Thanks again :) xx

    • So welcome... you are amazing, he is lucky to have found you and knows it.:)) xx

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  • he thinks u r good for him and he genuinely wants to wait for you

  • would you rather hear it or let him keep it to himself to make you believe it?

    that's something the future will tell you or a witch or someone who can read peoples minds

    • I know I can't know for surre... wondeed what people thought tho

    • I wouldn't mention those stuff cause I fear it, he just did it.

  • He wants u genuinely :)
    I mean I wouldn't wait if I didn't want someone honestly. So your in a great place!

    • thanks :)

    • Welcome let me knew how it all works out :)

    • well he asked me to be his girlfriend today haha. I said we'll take it slow and date a bit longer though but at least I know his intentions haha

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