Why is my ex bf mad at me when he was the one who broke up with me?

My ex bf dumped me last month because he said he wasn't looking for a relationship. He pretty much hurt me really bad. I accepted the break up in the end, because he couldn't make up his mind about me.

Anyway, I've been hearing from mutual friends that my ex is mad at me for some reason. My ex has been checking up on me apparently during the weekends to find out if I've started dating.

Why is my ex bf mad at me when he was the one who dumped me and told me that I should date other people? Why is he so mad now that we've split up and I haven't contacted him?


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  • because he is trying to get with a girl who knows you and is like if you can leave her then why wouldn't you leave you
    he is an ass and you need to forget about him

    • I am trying to, but I can't understand why he would act like the 'victim' when he was the one who didn't want me in the first place..

    • because victims get sympathy and sympathy means he will attract more girls

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