Why is he like this to me?

My bf and I have kinda a rocky relationship. But we seem to love eachother enough to stay together. When we go to the bar it usually causes drama. We live in a small town so drama is common here. Well last night we were arguing because he has been working in a small town near where we live. I asked if we could stop at the bar there since we are going through and I never been there before. He said no because he doesn't want to drink and drive. Which he never has thay excuse any other time. Then he said he didn't wanna drink but yet when we we got home my sister and her bf came over and he had a beer. So I was wondering why we couldn't stop for one. Then he said he can go to the bar whenever he wants to. And that's one problem in our relationship. Then he tells me I can go whenever I want to the bar. But yet when I do n I come home he sits there n says I'm a bar fly n seems crabby. He is just confusing. But why does he say I can go to the bar yet when I actually do he gets mad?

Can someone give me advice please


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    Sounds illogical and irrational to me. Good luck


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