Getting ready for her man?

What does it mean if a girl puts on makeup and gets ready everytime before going out with you?


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  • Nothing.. She just wants to make sure she looks good.. When she is around you. For you. Plus it's what women do lol (some usually don't wear make up and others do) and getting ready, is getting ready.. Could be anything (picking out what to wear, her jewellery, phone, shoes etc)

    • Haha. Right on. Though she wears the boots I usually ask her to. Interesting

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    • I feel like a little kid right now. Lol
      Yes, I was happy.
      The reason I asked is that she doesn't seem like the one who would out on makeup before going out. She's one of them country girl types.
      She started doing this after our third or fourth date. That's why I was curious.

    • Lol cute, well that's good to hear.. Sounds like you guys have good chemistry based on what your telling here. Yes she will make an effort to look good for you.
      No harm done with your curiousity.. All good

  • it what girls do all the time.. most of the time to point out that have a face..


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